Review: Daisy and the Dead by Sarah Bale

May Contain Spoilers

When I saw this on Netgalley, I started salivating.  I LOVE zombie stories!  All of the running and fighting and trying to survive – I find zombie stories irresistible.   What I didn’t realize before I hit the request button is that Sarah Bale writes erotica.  That’s not a deal killer for me, but when I read books with zombies, I want ZOMBIES.  Not spankings and heroines who defiantly proclaim they won’t be sleeping with the big bad leader of the gang who saved her – and promptly jumps into bed with him. Without protection (which the hero claimed to always use, until sleeping with our heroine) during a zombie apocalypse, where an unplanned pregnancy would certainly spell disaster. Not to mention STDs. It’s not like there’s a doctor on every corner anymore. Smh.

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