Review: Arrow’s Flight by Mercedes Lackey

I hope everyone in the States had a wonderful 4th of July.  I spent the long weekend reading, sampling various restaurants in the area, playing with ponies, chasing Pok√©mon, and relaxing. The weather was beautiful all weekend long. I hope your weekend was as enjoyable.

May Contain Spoilers

I thought this was very slow, and compared to the first book, there wasn’t enough action to hold my interest.  Since Dirk is being set up as Talia’s love interest, I thought all of the time spent building Kris up as her buddy with benefits pointless (he’s not my favorite Herald, anyway).  I liked the pairing of Skif and Talia better if the relationship wasn’t going beyond friends. Dirk was in this installment for only a couple of pages, and since I like him better than Kris, I was disappointed with his absence.

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