Review: Her Cowboy Lawman by Pamela Britton

May Contain Spoilers

Despite some minor irritations, I thought this was a great read. Lauren Danners is a young widow struggling to raise her son. She reluctantly moves in with her brother Jax, grateful for his generosity, but slightly resentful that she must rely on him. When Jax encourages Kyle to take up steer riding, Lauren has a whole new set of problems to focus on. What if her baby is hurt by a crazy steer?
Lauren mets Bren at Kyle’s first show. Bren is the town’s sheriff, as well as a retired Green Beret. After a miserable marriage to an ex military man, Lauren has sworn off another relationship with one. Bren, a more mature hero, is bothered by the 12 year age difference between them, and declares Lauren off-limits. Dating her might make waves for his re-election.

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