Dueling Reviews: The Italian’s Pregnant Virgin by Maisey Yates

Contains Spoilers

Poo Penny and I both read The Italian’s Pregnant Virgin by Maisey Yates, to completely differing results.  I messaged Poo Penny to read it because of the science (or lack thereof) in the story.  Poo is a chemical engineer, so I was eager to hear her take on the premise behind the story.  I thought it was ridiculous, though it didn’t really effect my enjoyment of the story.  Poo, on the other hand – YEOW! 

Poo Penny’s Take:

UM. Alright, well that was weird. Lots of spoilers ahead.

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Guest Post: Nicola Davidson, Author of The Devil’s Submission


Today we have a guest post from Nicola Davidson!  Her book, The Devil’s Submission, hits shelves today!

Nicola Davidson’s answers to Lady Eliza Deveraux’s (The Devil’s Submission) top 5 irritating habits…

We, the footmen and maids, love and respect our mistress Lady Eliza. But sometimes…GOOD GRIEF.

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