Review: The Crystal Ribbon by Celeste Lim

May Contain Spoilers

Review by Poo Penny

Jing is first sold at 11 years old, at the insistence of her Aunt Mei, who I came to despise. She is sold as a bride-to-be to the Guo family for their 3 year old son, and it turns out he is quite nice to her, but everyone else in that family is horrible to her. One night during a ghost festival she learns that she can see and speak to jing, which are spirits that can be in animal or bug form, or… apparently any form in this book, later there is a tree form. I guess it is more accurate to say they reveal themselves to her, since her sister in law apparently heard one of the jing and freaked out. She endures most of her time there stoically, but when her sister in law accuses her of stealing, she is basically tortured. It was horrible, ugh!

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