Review: Bound by His Desert Diamond by Andie Brock

Contains Spoilers

This is another new to me HQN author. The book was suitably soap opera-ish, and I enjoyed Brock’s writing style. Too bad I didn’t care for either protagonist. Anna was a doormat, and Zahir was just not at all likable. The lack of security for either one of them, as they are both royalty, was also maddening and unbelievable, especially since Zahir insisted that terrorists were a huge problem in his country, and his parents had been murdered by an assassin. The thought of them driving each other around on sightseeing tours, Anna in a beat up jalopy, no less, just seemed the height of a security incident in the making. Despite how impoverished her country was, her father would have still been forced to cough up a serious ransom if she had been kidnapped. Anyhoooo….

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