Review: Home (Binti #2) by Nnedi Okorafor

May Contain Spoilers

Home picks up a year after the events of the previous novella. Binti and Okwu are attending to their studies at Oomza Uni, where they are both having difficulties adjusting to their new lives. Okwu, warlike and at odds with its instructor, is always a hair trigger away from a violent outburst. Binti, while more successful in her relationships with her professor, is hindered by bursts of blazing rage or moments of pure panic after her experiences with the Meduse on her journey to Oomza Uni. The rages make her feel unclean, because it is not the Himba way, and it’s not the way of a master harmonizer to cause discord. In distress, she decides she needs to return home, face her family, and go on a pilgrimage with other Himba women to cleanse herself. Her journey to find peace is not easy and does not go as planned.

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