Novella Review: Love Unleashed by Jackie Braun


Review may contain spoilers

Love Unleashed is the second book in the Billionaire Matchmaker series that I have read.  As I stated previously, the big draw for me is Charlie, the rambunctious little canine who acts like a catalyst to brings the couples together.  The protagonists of this novella are Mia, a florist, and Gideon, the town vet.  It features my favorite trope;  Mia rejected Gid when he proposed six months ago because she is terrified of commitment, and both are still hung up on the other.  Mia is carrying around a ton of baggage that is preventing her from trusting Gid.  After bouncing between her drug addicted parents and the foster care system, she feels that she can’t trust anyone and that all relationships are doomed to failure. 

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