Guest Post–5 Things Never to do Aboard a Pirate Ship



Today I have a special guest!  Please welcome Pandora Wyatt, who will give guidance on what NOT to do on a pirate ship.

Five Things Never to do Aboard a Pirate Ship

Written by Pandora Wyatt from

TANGLED HEARTS by Heather McCollum

Hello! My name is Pandora or Dory (which I prefer as the latter refers to the infamous box). I was raised upon the pirate ship, Queen Siren, captained by my adopted father, Captain Bartholomew Wyatt. Before my mother died after giving birth to me aboard his ship, she pleaded with him not to take me back to England. Despite his roguish appearance, Captain Bart is a gentleman and was already in the habit of rescuing wee ones, so he honored her request.

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