Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge – 2014 Blogging Resolutions


Parajunkee is hosting the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge.  I enjoy participating in these challenges, so I will be joining in as often as I can.  Here are my 2014 blogger resolutions.

1.  First and foremost – don’t put so much pressure on myself to blog the “right” way.  There is no right way to run your own blog.  I know that I host a lot of interviews and blog tours, but I enjoy them, so this content will continue into 2014.  For a while I was reading complaints that too many bloggers are hosting promo type posts, so I have gotten a little pickier about what I feature, but I like interacting with authors and look forward to introducing them to you, so I will keep doing so.

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Happy New Year!

Bumble and I spent spent most of the evening cuddling on the couch.


Poppy wasn’t sure she was into that.  She continually dive bombed Bumble’s end of the couch in an effort to get him to play.  While Bumble was hardly amused, I thought she was pretty funny.

Hope your New Year is full of joy and happiness for you and your loved ones!