Dystopian Giveaway Blog Hop–Win Solstice by PJ Hoover

Welcome to my Dystopian Giveaway Hop!  This hop runs from November 1 to November 7.  It is hosted by My Shelf Confessions and I am a Reader, Not a Writer.  You can see the list of participating blogs here, so go and visit them all!

I am giving away a finished copy of Solstice by PJ Hoover!


About the book:

Piper’s world is dying. Each day brings hotter temperatures and heat bubbles which threaten to destroy the Earth. Amid this Global Heating Crisis, Piper lives under the oppressive rule of her mother, who suffocates her even more than the weather does. Everything changes on her eighteenth birthday, when her mother is called away on a mysterious errand and Piper seizes her first opportunity for freedom.
Piper discovers a universe she never knew existed—a sphere of gods and monsters—and realizes that her world is not the only one in crisis. While gods battle for control of the Underworld, Piper’s life spirals out of control as she struggles to find the answer to the secret that has been kept from her since birth—her very identity….

An imaginative melding of mythology and dystopia, Solstice is the first YA novel by talented newcomer P. J. Hoover.


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Miracle Road Holiday Hop 11/1-11/10 #Free Books!


Random House is hosting another giveaway hop!!  Check out the details below, enter by filling out the widget, and then go blog hopping!

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Spotlight and Giveaway: Love in the Time of the Dead by Tera Shanley

Let’s celebrate Halloween with some zombies!  Check out this new release by Tera Shanley, and then enter the giveaway!



About the book:

Laney Landry has been fighting Deads alongside her brother and friends for three years. But she has a secret. She’s immune to Dead bites and has to find the right people to trust with the information. Her team rallies around her to find a doctor who can extract a vaccine from Laney which could fight the virus that ended the world.

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Manga Review: Bleach Vol 3 by Tite Kubo


Bleach, Vol. 3: Memories in the Rain

May Contain Spoilers


Sorry for the long break between volumes of Bleach.  The Viz Manga app wasn’t working on my Kindle Fire for some reason.  I deleted it and re-installed it, and that made things even worse. Then today, several weeks later,  I tried to use it again, and – viola!  It worked again!  I thought technology was supposed to make things easier, not more confusing!

I loved this volume!  It gives so much insight into Ichigo’s character.  On the anniversary of his mother’s death, his family visits her grave, and Ichigo is forced to remember the terrible day that she was killed.  He blames himself for her death, and when a Hallow attacks his sisters, he realizes it’s the same spirit that killed his mother.  He’s enraged and determined to kill the Grand Fisher, even though he’s hopelessly overpowered by the evil being.

The reason I like this series so much is pretty much summed up by this volume.  Ichigo will do anything to protect his family, even sacrifice himself, without a second thought.  As the facts of his mother’s death are slowly revealed, one little tidbit at a time, we learn what Ichigo was like before her death, and how his guilt changed him.  He is consumed by his inability to protect his mother, and now he’s allowed the Hallow to injure his sisters.  With his new Soul Reaper powers, he’s got a fighting chance to do what he couldn’t do in the past.  The Hallow mocks him for being impulsive and for allowing his emotions to get the best of him, but these are the qualities that give Ichigo his strength.  With his limitless compassion and desire to do what’s right, he is able to tap into a limitless wellspring of strength.  He faces his own regrets, and asks Rukia to let him keep her Soul Reaper powers for a while longer, so he can protect those who are weak and in need of help.  This is the first time that he acknowledges that he has a greater duty to save others, and his reluctance to destroy Hallows disappears.

I like Bleach because Ichigo is a good guy (this is also why I like Kekkaishi and Kenshin).  He has manufactured a tough guy image, but deep down, he is a knight in shining armor.  He wants to help and he wants to protect, even if it means putting himself in danger.  How can you not like a guy who is willing to do that?

This volume continues to improve on the series, and I am looking forward to reading Volume 4!

Grade:  A-

From Amazon:

Ichigo Kurosaki was a little boy when his mother passed away. One rainy day, Ichigo, whose ability top see the undead is a blessing and curse, tried to stop young girl from drowning in a nearby river. His mother, Masaki, ran after them, frantically trying to rescue her only son. Then everything went black, and Ichigo awoke only to discover his mother dead and the little girl gone.

It’s the anniversary of Masaki’s death, and the entire Kurosaki clan, along with former Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki, head to the cemetary to pay their respects. Sleeping demons rarely ever stay still and pretty soon Ichigo confronts the Grand Fisher, the Hollow that may be responsible for his mother’s demise.

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Interview with Kelly Jensen, Author of Less Than Perfect and Giveaway!



[Manga Maniac Cafe] Good morning, Kelly! Can you please describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

[Kelly Jensen] I’m an avid reader, writer and gamer. 

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Can you tell us a little about Less Than Perfect?

[Kelly Jensen] Briefly: It’s a love story set against a back drop of apocalypse and creepy aliens. Less briefly: Mikayla and Reg would like to find a safe place to see out the end of the world. On a trip to restock their supplies, they are captured by aliens and prepared for the procedure that will make them ‘perfect’. They need to work together in order to escape.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?

[Kelly Jensen] I read a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction and I often wonder how I could cope with aliens and/or the end of our world. I also wanted to write about a woman who feels really ordinary, but discovers she can do extraordinary things. I love the idea that anyone can be a hero.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What three words best describe Mikayla?

[Kelly Jensen] Geeky, sweet and determined.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] If Reg had a theme song, what would it be?

[Kelly Jensen] Superman (It’s Not Easy) by Five for Fighting. This has long been one of my favourite songs and it’s easy to listen to it with Reg in mind. He’s a veteran and there’s a part of him that doesn’t want to be a hero. He just wants to be an ordinary man. 

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Name one thing Mikayla is never without.

[Kelly Jensen] Her journal. Mikayla needs to feel organised and her journal helps her keep her thoughts in order.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What three things will you never find in Reg’s bedroom?

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Interview with Jessica Lee, Author of Undying Embrace and Giveaway!

Please welcome special guest Jessica Lee to the virtual offices! She’s here to chat about Undying Embrace.

[Jessica Lee] Thank you so much, Julie for the invite to guest on your awesome blog today. I’m so excited to be here.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

[Jessica Lee] Wife, mother, former science geek with a passion for writing romance novels filled with alpha male characters who bite.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] Can you tell us a little about Undying Embrace?

[Jessica Lee] In Undying Embrace we learn more about Enclave warrior Arran MacLain and the female member of the team, Gabrielle Stevens who’s claimed his heart. Both carry a ton of baggage from their past, and because of those issues, they continue to fight their attraction.

Arran is vampire on a mission to find his partner, Markus, the male who betrayed not only him but the Enclave. During his search, he runs into Gabrielle who is on a mission herself to locate her missing sister. Together, they have to put aside their personal pain and join forces to fight the evil that’s invaded both their worlds.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?

[Jessica Lee] I love watching vampires on TV and in the movies, so I think it was inevitable that I would create my own world of alpha vamp heroes. In the movies, I have always the one to cheer for the vampire to get the girl, his queen.

[Manga Maniac Cafe] What three words best describe Arran?

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