Review: Frosted by Wendy Sparrow



Title:  Frosted

Author: Wendy Sparrow

May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

After falling through the ice one cold day, Kate is saved by a mysterious man named Jack and ends up marrying him. Come to find out she’s committed herself to the king of winter himself. Now Kate has cold feet about their life together…and cold everything else.

She doesn’t think Jack will miss her if she packs up and runs away to Colorado. After all, she’s been in living in sunny Florida for seven years, and he hasn’t managed to come see her. But Jack has one last chance of convincing his runaway bride to come back to him, and he won’t give up until he breaks through the ice that’s frosted her heart.


I’m a huge fan of Jack Frost stories, even though I hate the cold.  Go figure.  When I saw Frosted by Wendy Sparrow, I was intrigued enough to give it a read.  It’s a novella clocking in at just under 120 pages, which makes it a perfect choice if you’re pressed for time.  There were a few pacing issues, and Kate’s personality was a bit inconsistent, but overall, this is a cute read about second chances and learning to trust.

Kate fell through thin ice while skating seven years ago.  She was whisked away to Jack Frost’s wintery kingdom, and after a brief courtship, she agreed to marry him.  Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Wrong.  Kate only agreed to the wedding so she could go back to the mortal realm.  She has never learned to trust because her parents were both selfish and focused only on each other, and after their divorce, Kate became a pawn for them to battle over, but only until they each stated new families.  Then poor Kate was kicked to the curb and forgotten.  Being rejected by her parents scarred her and made her unable and unwilling to trust others emotionally.  When she’s swept off her feet by Jack, she just can’t believe that they can find happiness.  And this prophecy thing he keeps bringing up? Impossible.  There is no possible way that their union and their happiness could be written in the stars or whatever crazy thing he’s talking about.  When she’s returned to the mortal world to say her goodbyes, Kate takes the opportunity to flee instead, to sunny Florida, where she is certain he can’t follow her.

When a business opportunity forces her to Denver, she is terrified that Jack will find her.  When he does, she wants to run again.  He scares her, with his icy beauty and cool charm.  She is terrified of being hurt when he tires of her.  But a funny thing starts happening when she’s forced to spend time with Jack; she finds herself falling in love with him, and she wonders if maybe things can work out between them.  Should she give him a chance, and put herself and her emotions, at risk?  Can she learn to overcome the freezing cold she experiences, that constant state of discomfort, with Jack always at her side?

I loved Jack’s character.  He is maybe a little too focused on his goal of winning Kate back, without ever really having any doubts about her being with him.  Hey, their union has been foretold by the fae, right?  Which leaves him bewildered and hurt when she flees with half of his power.  He is willing to forgive her, with no regrets, if only she’ll give their relationship a chance.  Kate, on the other hand, felt very inconsistent to me.  First she can’t get away from Jack quickly enough, and then, halfway through the story, she has a major change of heart that didn’t convince me that her feelings had changed and that she was willing to work at a relationship with Jack.  It seemed that she was now driven by a sense of guilt, after discovering the damage she’d brought to Jack’s kingdom by abandoning her husband with half of his power.

Despite a these misgivings, I found Frosted to be a fast, enjoyable read, perfect for a wintery afternoon.

Grade:  B

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