Cover Shot! Without a Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal

Cover Shot! is a regular feature here at the Café. I love discovering new covers, and when I find them, I like to share. More than anything else, I am consumed with the mystery that each new discovery represents. There is an allure to a beautiful cover. Will the story contained under the pages live up to promise of the gorgeous cover art?

OMG I love this cover! Shades of Milk and Honey floated right under my radar because I find that cover drab and dull, but this cover is gorgeous!  So pretty!  Without a Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal will be in stores 2013

The magical book that might result if Jane Austen’s Emma were set against the Luddite uprising in the Year Without a Summer

Up-and-coming fantasist Mary Robinette Kowal enchanted fans with award-winning short stories and beloved novels featuring Regency pair Jane and Vincent Ellsworth. In Without a Summer the master glamourists return home, but in a world where magic is real, nothing—even the domestic sphere—is quite what it seems.

Jane and Vincent go to Long Parkmeade to spend time with Jane’s family, but quickly turn restless. The year is unseasonably cold. No one wants to be outside and Mr. Ellsworth is concerned by the harvest, since a bad one may imperil Melody’s dowry. And Melody has concerns of her own, given the inadequate selection of eligible bachelors. When Jane and Vincent receive a commission from a prominent family in London, they decide to take it, and take Melody with them. They hope the change of scenery will do her good and her marriage prospects—and mood—will be brighter in London.

Once there, talk is of nothing but the crop failures caused by the cold and increased unemployment of the coldmongers, which have provoked riots in several cities to the north. With each passing day, it’s more difficult to avoid getting embroiled in the intrigue, none of which really helps Melody’s chances for romance. It’s not long before Jane and Vincent realize that in addition to getting Melody to the church on time, they must take on one small task: solving a crisis of international proportions.

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A Multitude of Mermaids

So here’s me, without a planned post for the day.  Oops! To rectify that situation, here are some mermaid books that I discovered while trolling through Goodreads.  Mermaids have quickly become one of my favorite paranormal beings.  Think of all of the sushi they get to eat while traveling the wonderful, wide oceans.  It would be a drag to not have a massive book collection in my underwater home, but I guess some sacrifices would have to be made.

Have you read any of these?  Can you recommend a good book with mermaids?

Promises by Amber Garr is the start of her Syrenka series.  My search started with this, because I received an email regarding the third book in the series, which released in July of this year. Click here for the Goodreads description.

This is me totally judging a book by the cover.  The Secret of the Emerald Sea by Heather Matthews is a release from Sugar and Spice Press.  Never heard of them. I think I will have to hunt this down. Click here for more info.

The cover for Fins by Ashley L Knight doesn’t wow, but the description is very intriguing. Click here to read the synopsis.

Seven Tears into the Sea by Terri Farley is a Simon Pulse release, and I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it before, because I like this imprint.  I think I will track this one down first.  Read more about it here.

If you have more title suggests, drop a comment below.