Cover Shot! Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Wow, Kiersten White wins the cover lottery again!  I think she needs to buy a couple of Mega Million tickets, because her luck is riding high!  Look at the gorgeous cover HarperTeen came up with for her next book, Supernaturally.  Yeowwww!!  I like it even better than the Paranormalcy cover, and I thought that cover ROCKED! 

Now this is what really makes the cover a stand out – check out the entire wrap-around image. Is that awesome or what?  I love the colors and the billowing dress and the storm in the background.  So pretty!  Must have!! 

Check out Kiersten’s website here to see what she has to say about her new cover!

Review: Invasion by Jon S. Lewis


Title: Invasion

Author: Jon S. Lewis

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 978-1595547538


May Contain Spoilers


Invasion is an action adventure book on steroids.  It’s a comic book in prose, with so many death defying acts of heroism packed into 300+ pages that you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement.  The momentum never slows, but at times I found the pacing exhausting.  I don’t know how protagonist Colt made it through the whole book without ever stopping to catch his breath!  I was gasping for air several times, and had to set the book down slow my heart rate.  I’m not joking!

Colt’s world comes tumbling down after his parents are killed in an accident.  He is shipped off to live with his grandfather, and right away, Colt gets caught up in danger and intrigue.  A mysterious phone call informs him that his parents were murdered because his mother was working on a story to expose Trident Biotech and their nefarious mind control device.  As Colt strives to uncover the truth behind his parents’ death, he exposes an alien conspiracy to take over the world!  Can he and his new friend Oz save the day?

The plot doesn’t really stand up well under inspection, so set your brain on auto-pilot and just go with the flow.  I had no problem accepting flying motorbikes and gateways into other worlds, but I did have a few problems accepting the computer hacking aspects of the story.  I just found it hard to believe that a bunch of aliens intent on world domination would have such lax network security.  Gah!  I don’t know why that jumped out at me and jarred me out of the story.

Colt is a likable character who is having a hard time.  His parents are both dead, he’s been relocated to Arizona to live with his grandfather, and he’s having a hard time dealing with his feelings of loss.  I thought Colt’s personality was nicely fleshed out.  He’s trying to get on with his life, but he’s not finding it very easy, even with the support of his grandfather and his childhood friend, Dani.  Once the action kicks into high gear, he doesn’t have much time for his grief, and he puts all of his focus into staying alive and bringing his parents’ killers to justice.

Invasion should appeal to reluctant readers who enjoy video games and comic books. What is not to like about a secret government organization, murderous, shape-shifting aliens, and ultra-cool technology? Appealing characters add icing to the cake. The sketchbook included at the end of the book is a nice extra, too. I am looking forward to the next installment of the story, because that promises to be even more exciting!  I don’t know if I can take that much excitement! 

Grade: B

Review copy provided by publisher