Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Vol 17 by Yoshiyuki Nishi Manga Review


Title:  Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Vol 17

Author:  Yoshiyuki Nishi

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781421528397


May Contain Spoilers

Muhyo and Roji are up to their ears in trouble again!  Things aren’t looking good, either, because Muhyo is incapacitated!  He’s fallen into a deep, deep sleep, and no one can wake him up!  This is so not good!  There are some wicked ghosts attacking the Magic Law Association, and the Magic Law practitioners  aren’t having much luck fending off the attack.  The members of the Magic Law Association are also at a loss; the ghosts are working together, and it seems as though they are evolving!  That sounds like big, big trouble!

The action certainly kicked back into high gear, and things look pretty hopeless for the M.L.A.  Even Nana isn’t immune to the attacks, and she’s been snatched by the ghosts, and is being held prisoner!  She learns that she’s there to give birth to a ghost’s child!  That had me even a little appalled.  Yoshiyuki Nishi’s spirits are scary looking.  I don’t think they would make very good parents, either.  Poor Nana! I hope Muhyo wakes up in time to save her from a very unpleasant experience.

Things are looking mighty bleak for the gang, as the ghosts collectively wreak havoc on the M.L.A.  Most of their heavy hitters have already been knocked out of the battle, and Muhyo just won’t wake up.  He has good reason, and it turns out that his tempering has been leached from him, leaving him without any energy.  The rest of the executors are in the same boat, and all of their efforts to fend off the ghosts are only feeding them and making them stronger.  Like the protagonists, the reader is never given a chance to catch their breath, as events spiral towards the concluding volume of the series.  I just hope that Muhyo doesn’t sleep through the finale!

Grade: B+

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Waiting on Wednesday – Geist, The Sentinel Mage, The Black Chalice

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This week is all about the covers.  I wouldn’t have glanced twice at most of these, except for the covers.  Geist by Philippa Ballantine has a really cool cover, though the description is kind of lacking.

From Amazon:

Sorcha, powerful protector of the Empire against malevolent hauntings, is called to a small settlement. But more is occurring there than "geist" activity. It’s a conspiracy of evil that reaches back to herown Abbey. Even if she survives, what hell would she be returning to?

The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee has an awesome cover, too.  And gender-bending.  Yeah, it looks like a pretty good read.

From Amazon:

Her magic may be the only thing that can save a prince—and the Seven Kingdoms. In a distant corner of the Seven Kingdoms, an ancient curse festers and grows, consuming everything in its path. Only one man can break it: Harkeld of Osgaard, a prince with mage’s blood in his veins. But Prince Harkeld has a bounty on his head—and assassins at his heels. Innis is a gifted shapeshifter. Now she must do the forbidden: become a man. She must stand at Prince Harkeld’s side as his armsman, protecting and deceiving him. But the deserts of Masse are more dangerous than the assassins hunting the prince. The curse has woken deadly creatures, and the magic Prince Harkeld loathes may be the only thing standing between him and death.


I love the cover for The Black Chalice by Steve Savile.  It has knights and quests, and hopefully a few sword fights, too!

From Amazon:

Aspirant to the Round Table, Sir Alymere, fails on the Grail quest but in so doing, learns of the Devil’s Own Cup, "the Black Chalice" and of the Devil’s Bible the foul book that will lead him to it. On his quest he will face many obstacles and cunning enemies, but the ultimate threat is to his very soul.

What are you waiting on?