Review: Dark Life by Kat Falls


Title: Dark Life

Author: Kat Falls

Publisher: Scholastic

ISBN: 978-0545178143


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

The oceans rose up, swallowing up the lowlands. Earthquakes shattered the continents, toppling entire regions into the rising water. Now, humans live packed into stack cities. The only ones with any space of their own are those who live on the ocean floor: the Dark Life.

Ty has spent his whole life living deep undersea, helping his family farm the ocean floor. But when outlaws attack his homestead, Ty finds himself in a fight to save the only home he has ever known. Joined by Gemma, a girl from the Topside who has come subsea to look for her brother, Ty ventures into the frontier’s rough underworld and discovers some dark secrets to Dark Life . . . secrets that threaten to destroy everything.

In her debut novel, Kat Falls has created a breathtaking world where the deep can be dangerous, the darkness can be deadly, and sometimes it takes extraordinary power to survive.

This book gets a WOW! rating.  From the first page, I was hooked.  I am fascinated by the premise, and I love the way Kat Falls presented her underwater world.  While I would be too freaked out to live beneath the waves, the descriptions of the homesteads made the prospect very appealing.  The underwater landscape of Dark Life is richly imagined, and made me wonder what it would be like to live in this almost magical environment.

Protagonist Ty is awesome! I liked him from the very beginning of the book.  He is daring, confident, and totally dedicated to his family and his way of life.  He loves his home, he longs to work his own homestead, and he has big, big plans for the future.  When a chance encounter with Gemma, a Topsider, turns his life upside down, he gets the adventure of a lifetime.

Dark Life is a fun read.  Ty has to take on a group of vicious pirates who are threatening his way of life.  With the thugs brazenly attacking government vessels, the small colony of homesteaders have been given an ultimatum.  Capture the leader of the raiders, Shade, or face a raft of unpleasant consequences, the most dire being an embargo on any supply shipments to the colony.

I was so caught up in Ty’s world that I could not put this book down.  I stayed up so late finishing it, and I didn’t even mind being exhausted the next day.  The politics are convincing and got me as riled up as they did Ty.  There is so much action and suspense, as Ty and Shade match wits and try to get the better of each other.  Even Ty’s blossoming feelings for Gemma held me enthralled.  Though the book ends with a satisfying conclusion, I want more!  I would even love a book about Ty’s plucky younger sister, Zoe.

Grade: A-

Review copy obtained from the library

Biomega Vol 3 by Tsutomu Nihei Manga Review


Title: Biomega Vol 3

Author: Tsutomu Nihei

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781421531861

For Mature Readers


May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Searching for the key to save a world beyond hope. Tsutomu Nihei’s sci-fi horror epic!

The Data Research Foundation’s plan to transform humanity and the earth itself accelerates as the DRF locates another executor of the apocalypse, General Narein. Toa Heavy Industry agents Zoichi Kanoe and Nishu Mizunoe haven’t given up yet, and Zoichi continues his journey to Maximum Security Containment Facility 3 in search of Eon Green. To stop them, the DRF is bringing out its heaviest hitters… The battle lines are drawn, and Armageddon never looked so good!

OK, so I admit it again.  I have no freaking idea what is going on in this book. No clue!  Despite the lack of comprehension,  I still enjoy breezing through this series.  There are explosions galore, most of the population has been transformed into creepy zombie-like monsters, and there is a ton of action bombarding the panels.  Most of this installment consists of battles or chases, and if there is any plot progression, I have no idea where we are progressing toward. 

Here is what I know:

Toa Heavy Industry has sent bad ass agent Zoichi Kanoe into the nightmare world to reclaim Eon Green, humanity’s only hope for the future, from Maximum Security Containment Facility 3.

Other bad ass agents for Toa Heavy Industry are attempting to foil the plans of the Data Research Foundation to release Reverse Morphic Polymer in a horrible plan of human species conversion.

There is a bear who gets dragged around all over the unholy landscape on the back of someone else’s motorcycle, escaping death by the purest of luck.  I really feel bad for the bear.   He takes a lot of abuse!

The book is full of really ugly and scary looking things.  Except for the good guys.  They look normal and would probably have no problem getting a date on Saturday night. The bad guys, not so much.

And there you have it!  Despite my lack of understanding, I will continue to follow the series, because I enjoy massive explosions as well as the next person!

Grade: B

Review copy provided by publisher