San Francisco, CA, June 18, 2009 VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced their list of DVD titles scheduled for release in August 2009. These include the latest episodic releases of the popular BLEACH, HUNTER X HUNTER and NARUTO series. August DVD releases also include four new POKÉMON titles for the younger set. Also releasing is the live action feature film – DEATH NOTE: L, change the WorLd from VIZ Pictures. VIZ Media DVD titles are distributed (in English) in the U.S and Mexico by Warner Home Video and in Canada by Allegro.

NARUTO Uncut Box Set Volume 15 Special Edition · Rated ‘T+’ for Older Teens ·

MSRP: $69.97 US / $99.99 CAN · Available August 25

Ino faces an unusual exercise in royal etiquette when she is asked by an overweight princess to take her place and attend the first meeting with the young prince she adores. Then the Hidden Leaf Village comes under serious threat when important blueprints of the village are stolen! Naruto, Shikamaru and the others have their hands full finding and removing the massive numbers of paper bombs placed throughout the village. Can they save the Hidden Leaf Village from utter demolition?

Includes playing cards 37-45 and a collectible Mininja Gaara Figurine (5 of 6) (limited supply)

BLEACH Volume 19 · Rated ‘T’ for Teens · MSRP: $24.92 US / $35.99 CAN · Available August 18

Attempting to rescue Uryu, Ichigo, Rukia and their diverse allies launch an attack on the stronghold of the Bounts. But the evil Bount leader Kariya is far too powerful a foe, and things are looking grim. To make things more complicated still, it appears that one of their foes fighting alongside the Bounts is a former Soul Reaper, Maki Ichinose.

Episodes: 76 thru 79

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Papillon Vol 3 by Miwa Ueda Manga Review

Title:  Papillon Vol 3

Author: Miwa Ueda

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN:  9780345508072

May Contain Spoilers

This title can be so irritating!  It shares so many traits with Peach Girl, and the same plot devices annoyed me in that series.  Papillon is Peach Girl with twins.  I can’t argue that there is some entertainment to be found here, but the same tired plot is a little disappointing.

Hana discovers that her twin, Ageha, is in love with Ichijiku.  Not content after stealing Ageha’s first love, Ryusei, Hana has now set her sights on the sexy guidance counselor.  The conniving beauty just can’t stand to see her sister happy.  Will Ichijiku fall in to her cunning trap?

I think the thing that bothered me the most about this volume of Papillon is how easily Ichijiku fell for Hana’s tricks.  I mean, they weren’t even that clever!  She impersonates Ageha, and then acts like a complete and utter bitch.  Oh, wait, that is how Hana normally acts, so there wasn’t any acting involved.  Ichijiku doesn’t know what hit him, and now all he wants to do is break up with Ageha.  I thought this guy was so good at reading between the lines and figuring out the true nature of the people he meets?  Nope, he’s as much of a fool as Ryusei, and he takes Hana’s bait, hook, line, and sinker.

I would enjoy Papillon a lot more if I hadn’t already read almost the same story with Peach Girl.   It is irritating that the male characters in her series are so gullible and dense, and they fall for every ruse presented to them.  Ichijiku knows that Ageha has an identical twin sister, and he knows that she is nothing like the brazen, demanding wench he was forced to spend an evening with.  How could he have been dumb enough to believe that it was Ageha? Ryusei is pretty much cut from the same mold; he believes everything that Hana tells him, even when he should know better.  The plot developments are of the wash and rinse variety.  Ageha and Ichijiku are in seventh heaven, Hana interferes, Ageha and Ichijiku are on the verge of breaking up before they discover that Hana is just up to her old tricks.  And because Ichijiku is such a babe magnet, Ageha has to deal with other girls trying to horn in on her boyfriend.

If you haven’t already read Peach Girl, odds are you will find Papillon an entertaining read.  If you have already read Miwa Ueda’s other series, you will find many, many similarities between the works.  I find that Papillon is a worthwhile read, but it feels a little stale compared to Peach Girl.

Grade: B-