Genju no Seiza #1 by Matsuri Akino Manga Review

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Title:  Genju no Seiza #1

Author:  Matsuri Akino

Publisher:  TOKYOPOP

ISBN:  1598166077

May Contain Spoilers

Kamishina thought he was a pretty normal guy, except for the weird nightmares that plague him.  He dreams that he’s being consumed by a flock of voracious birds and awakens in a sweat every time.  After transferring to yet another new school, he thinks he’s perfected the art of blending into his surroundings. He’s soon approached by a Garuda, a guardian beast of the king of Dhalashar. While he wants nothing to do with the bird-man, Garuda insists that Kamishina’s the 42nd heir to the throne.  How the heck can Kamishina blend into the woodwork if he’s constantly followed by the insistent pheasant?

 I enjoyed the first volume of this series quite a bit.  Kamishina rejects Garuda’s claims that he’s the heir to the throne of Dhalashar.  Why would he want to be king of such a tiny, insignificant country, anyway? They probably don’t even have arcades!  I agree that this is reason enough to forfeit the throne.

In addition to being the reincarnation of the spiritual leader, Kamishina has also inherited his healing powers and the ability to see visions and communicate with the dead.  When he discovers that a young boy is being abused and Kamishina has a premonition that he will be killed by his mother, he can no longer deny his gifts.   Instead, he is determined to save the boy.  Now he is faced with the question of whether or not he can truly change someone’s fate.

When Lord Naga orders Hanuman and General Genro to kill the traitor Garuda and the imposter king, Kamishina has more trouble.  Will Garuda convince the other guardian beasts that Kamishina is the real deal before they carry out their order of assassination?  Why has Lord Naga sided with the Chinese government to install a fake king on the throne?

The storyline was interesting and multi-layered.  In  addition to Kamishina helping troubled spirits and the unfortunate individuals that stumbled across his path, he also had Lord Naga to contend with.  What is Naga’s motivation behind supporting a false leader?  More importantly, what is Kamishina going to do with all of the guardian beasts hounding his every footstep?

Grade: B

Rated for  Older Teen 16+

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