Peach Girl: Sae’s Story #2 by Miwa Ueda Manga Review

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Title:  Peach Girl: Sae’s Story #2

Author:  Miwa Ueda

Publisher:  TOKYOPOP

ISBN:  1598165186

May Contain Spoilers

In volume #2, we have more of the same Sae behavior from the previous book.  In fact, Sae hasn’t changed at all since Peach Girl.  She’s still the scheming, unpleasant wench that we love to hate, only now it looks like she’s not content just abusing people, but must pick on helpless pets as well.

Setting her sights on yet another Mr Wrong, Sae is crazy about Takuma, a handsome model.  Especially when Sae learns that he’s dating  Ai, a fellow model.  Nothing quite makes a guy as irresistible to Sae as when he’s already in a relationship with someone else.  Sae is soon plotting her conquest, which includes a visit to a love motel.  But wait!  If Sae can use such tactics, than so can the competition!

Sae’s character had me ripping my hair out.  I was hoping that as the series progressed, she would soften a little, but it’s not happening.  My hopes were raised during the flashbacks to her childhood in the previous volume, but that didn’t pan out in this book.  I enjoyed the last book because of the interaction between Sae and Saru, but it was practically non-existent in this one.  Maybe part of my frustration with this read hinges on the fact only half of the book was devoted to Sae’s Story. The rest was a side story about Momo and Kiley, and it pretty much covered territory already explored in Peach Girl.  How many different ways are there to spin the will they/won’t they have sex storyline?

I really like the cover art on this volume.  The stars and hearts in the background are distracting, but the color combinations really caught my eye.

Grade:  C+

Rated for Older Teen 16+