Little Queen #1 by Yeon-Joo Kim Manhwa Review


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Title:  Little Queen #1

Author:  Yeon-Joo Kim

Publisher:  TOKYOPOP

ISBN:  1598166395

May Contain Spoilers

June is a student at Rohini Royal Academy, where the candidates for the next Queen of Light are trained.  June’s biggest rival is Lucia, and the girls battle over Sejuru, a demon boy, as well as the position of Queen.  If Lucia wasn’t a big enough headache, now the demon king wants Sejuru back!  With all of these distractions, how can an unmotivated student like June get her homework finished?

*Sigh*  This book was so confusing!  It jumped around so much that I was totally lost several times.  It’s a pity, because the art is beautiful.  The character designs are appealing, and the page layouts were interesting and really held my attention. Too bad the story was such a muddled mess!

June found Sejuru wandering on the mountain by her house and took him home.  When she was accepted into the academy, he went with her for his own education.  When the lazy June is in the library attempting to learn the secret criteria that the Queen candidates are judged on, she accidentally activates the sigil of the demon king.  June, along with Sejuru and Yuri, one of the judges, end up releasing the demon king.  Now that he wants Sejuru back, June is determined to become the next Queen, so she can protect him.  I think.

June hates to study, and didn’t have any interest in becoming the next Queen until Sejuru was threatened by the demon king.  She’s loud and obnoxious, but she’s oddly endearing.  When her grandmother tells her to throw Sejuru away, she can’t make herself do it.  When Sejuru is threatened, she’s fearless in her defense of him. 

I’ll probably pick up the next volume because I liked the art so much.  However, if it is as incomprehensible as this one, it will be the last volume of Little Queen that I read.

Grade:  C

Recommended for Teen 13+