Skip Beat! #3 by Yoshiki Nakamura Manga Review


Title: Skip Beat! #3

Author: Yoshiki Nakamura

Publisher: Viz

ISBN:  1421505878

May contain spoilers

The competition between Kyoko and Ruriko starts to heat up!  Hampered by her injured leg, will Kyoko be able to withstand the pressure in her scene with smug Ren Tsuruga?  Or will she fall under his charismatic spell as their acting soon becomes a war of wills?  Watching them, Ruriko suddenly becomes focused on her career again, and is determined to make Ren and the director take her acting seriously.  Does Kyoko have a chance of beating her?

Kyoko is such a unique heroine.  I love her curse dolls of Ren and Sho, and find her quest for revenge amusing.  No longer the only member of  the Love Me section, fellow emotional retard, Kanae Kotonami, has joined Kyoko for some ridicule from their fellow LME co-workers.  Rivals from earlier in the series, Kanae made it farther in the audition than Kyoko, but the president soon learned that she, too, lacked “love.” 

Cursed to wear the pink overalls of Love Me, the two are called upon by the president to help locate his missing granddaughter, Maria.  Though Maria looks like an angel, she’s closer to a devil, and she and Kyoko quickly hit it off.  Kyoko soon learns that Maria is haunted by demons too.  While I didn’t find Maria’s background story very convincing, her reaction to Kyoko’s curse dolls had me laughing out loud. 

Grade: B 

Recommended for Teens

The Vacation’s Over – Sob!

So sad! My leisurely days of strolling around the Magical Kingdom, gobbling down Mickey bars and sampling the fare of Epcot, have come to an end.  Now I’m trying to re-adjust to getting up at 4:30 am and slaving through 12 hour work days.  In about 2 weeks, the entire vacation will seem like a dream, except for the nightmarish credit card bill that will linger far longer than my memories of Disney.  I hate the end of vacations.

I was happy to see some packages from TRSI waiting patiently for my return, which included the first Bleach DVD and most of the volumes of Nodame Cantabile – except the first one, of course!  Hopefully they restock soon…