Recast #1 by Seyong-Hui Kye Manga Review


Title: Recast #1

Author: Seung-Hui Kye

Publisher: TOKYOPOP

ISBN:  1598166646

May contain spoilers

JD thinks he’s a normal boy, but he’s actually a recast, a magically formed being created by the evil magician Grifford.  When puppets, bounty hunters from the 4th World, start appearing in the village to destroy JD and his grandfather, JD has a date with his destiny.  With his grandfather dead, JD has to rely on himself to discover the secret behind the recast spell placed on him.  And why did someone cast a chastity spell on him, too?  Maybe a visit to the 4th World with give him some of the answers he’s seeking, but first, he has to defeat Du Mascara, a powerful puppet intent on JD’s destruction!

Recast is an entertaining action title complete with magic and a hapless lead character.  JD your typical unmotivated hero, who’s more concerned about scoring some bolt bird head for lunch than saving the world.  After the death of his grandfather, Grifford, he learns that he has a recast spell placed on him, and the spell is not complete.  Through memory incense, he’s urged to pack up and leave town, but he’s not interested in co-operating.  That is until he learns that the person who placed the chastity spell on him lives in the 4th World.  Before he can leave the village, it’s attacked by a powerful puppet, and he must save the lives of his friends before he can set out on his journey of self-discovery.

Though a little silly at times, I enjoyed this book.  The fantasy setting is interesting, and I want to learn more about the characters populating the 5th World.  The Under-6 Squad, a puppet regulating force, is briefly introduced, and after learning of JD’s existence, they wonder why the evil magician created the boy.  I’m wondering whether they will be JD’s enemies or help the boy discover the secrets behind his creation. 

I’m not too thrilled to learn that the next volume won’t be available until the end of March; TOKYOPOP’s release schedule sucks.  Five months between releases of a little known title is a sure-fire way to kill interest in this series, and is one of the reasons why I have cut way back on TP titles.  It seems to me that their commitment to bringing out their books just isn’t what it used to be.

Grade:  B

Recommended for Ages 13+