Berserk #2 by Kentaro Miura Manga Review

Title: Berserk #2

Author: Kentaro Miura

Publisher: Dark Horse

ISBN:  1593070217

May Contain Spoilers

More hacking, slashing, beheading and mayhem!  Guts is surprised to see a behelit in Vargas’ possession.  Claiming to have stolen it from the Count, the physician describes how the Count changed after buying the object from a caravan of merchants.  Afraid for his family, Vargas tried to escape from the castle, only to be captured, and forced to watch the Count murder and eat his family, before being mutilated himself.  He begs Guts to avenge him, but the Black Swordsman scoffs at him for being a coward.

They are attacked by Lord Zondark, who, in his desire for vengeance, has been possessed by the Count’s daemon.  No longer human, his only objective is to destroy Guts.  How can the swordsman defeat a enemy that grows more limbs every time he lops one off?

Ah, this is such a fun title!  There’s none of that sappy love junk in this book!  Guts is a total bastard, treating his companions with utter contempt.  Who cares that he didn’t ask them to tag along after him like little puppy dogs?  He’s driven by his overwhelming desire to find the Godhand, and he won’t let something as trivial as the execution of the guy who saved his life, or a bloodthirsty demon, get in his way. I am beginning to find it a little disturbing that he keeps spanking Puck on his little elfin butt-cheeks, though….

Grade: B+

Recommended for Mature Readers

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