Steady Beat #2 by Rivkah Manga Review

Title: Steady Beat #2

Author: Rivkah

Publisher: TOKYOPOP

ISBN:  1598161369

May Contain Spoilers

Leah continues to search for the answer to her burning question: is her sister Sarai gay?  At the pool with her friend, June, she sees Sarai with a young woman.  Determined to ask what her relationship is with the mysterious Jessica, Leah follows them to a coffee shop, hooking up with Elijah along the way.  After she chickens out and can’t bring herself to ask Sarai directly if she’s gay, Elijah tries to help give her to courage to confront the truth about her sister, and to be accepting of it as well.

Leah is having a really tough time grappling with her sister’s possible homosexuality.  After meeting Elijah’s fathers, she questions why she just can’t accept that two people love each other.  I liked when she finally made the connection that it didn’t matter that her sister was gay; she was afraid of losing her to someone else, and that she was forced to realize that she didn’t know Sarai quite as well as she thought she did.  Who hasn’t felt the betrayal and hurt of learning that someone they love isn’t all that they imagined them to be?

I just love the art and the page layouts in this book, though I found the diary pages to be a distraction.  The clean illustrations carried the action along, and the characters were very expressive of their emotions.

Grade: B+

Recommended for Teens 13+