Rin! #1 by Kannagi & Honami Manga Review

Title: Rin! #1

Authors: Satoru Kannagi & Yukine Honami

Publisher: June by DMP

ISBN: 1569709203

Katsura suffers from terrible anxiety attacks.  His only cure: a hug from his older brother’s best friend, Sou.  When Sou abruptly informs Katsura that he won’t be his babysitter any longer, Katsura is at a loss.  With his concentration ruined due to his inner turmoil, how will he be able to prepare for the inter-school archery tournament?  Without Sou by his side, how he find the courage to compete?

Finally, a character I can empathize with!  Suffering from  occasional panic attacks, I know how difficult they are to work through.  Katsura was determined to not hold Sou back, or interfere any longer with his life, and to learn to rely on himself.  Throwing himself into his training, he sought the discipline to master his emotions through the art of archery.

I enjoyed the gentle pace of the story, with its focus on competitive sports. Katsura valiantly attempted to discover his inner calm, even as his emotions whirled out of control.  When the intensity of Sou’s squeezes turn to warm embraces, he’s thrown again into confusion as he tries to work out his true feelings for his childhood friend.

The art is simple but effective.  Sou is handsome and his aloofness is skillfully portrayed. He looked so cool drawing his bow!  In keeping with his character,  Katsura often looks uncertain and confused.  

I am looking forward to the next volume!

Grade: A

Recommended for 16+