Review: Yalu and the Puppy Room by Brian T Yates


Title: Yalu and the Puppy Room

Author:  Brian T Yates

Available in print and digital

Only $2.99 for the Kindle!

May Contain Spoilers

From Amazon:

Yalu is a six week old puppy selected for a family who wants a Golden Retriever. Not only is she’s cute, fury, and brown, but has all the confidence she needs to be successful. The problem is that the family doesn’t select her, the only candidate sent in for the interview. Now she’s the dog nobody wants. Based on a true story, Yalu discovers how to stand out from the other dogs in her kennel and finds a forever home where she will become a family’s special princess.


Awww, this is a very cute chapter book that animals lovers are sure to enjoy.  Yalu is a puppy, and all she wants is a forever home, where she will be treated like the princess she is.  When all of her puppy tricks to captivate and enchant prospective owners fail to yield results, she is dejected.  Persistence pays off, though, and soon Yalu has a family of her own!

Yalu and the Puppy Room is packed with colorful, endearing illustrations that supplement the text.  As Yalu is rejected time and again, readers will begin to empathize with the little puppy.  Why isn’t she ever good enough to be chosen over all of the other puppies?  She is so cute!  She has the pathetic, love me puppy-dog eyes down pat.  Yet time and again, other puppies are picked over Yalu.  There is a wonderful sense of suspense that builds to the end, because you start stressing with Yalu.  I’d have picked her!

This  book is based on the author’s own experiences, which made the read even better for me.  The story is lovingly related, as a young couple comes to Yalu’s kennel and don’t find the new family member they are looking for, until, finally, Yalu is brought to the puppy room to strut her stuff.  If you have a young reader on your Christmas shopping list, I think that this book would made a great present.

Grade:  B+  (extra points for cuteness)

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A Look at Textura Dos: Buenos Aires Street Art by Matt Fox-Tucker and Guilherme Zauith


Title: Textura Dos: Buenos Aires Street Art

Authors: Matt Fox-Tucker & Guilherme Zauith

Publisher: Mark Batty


I love coffee table books and their emphasis on eye-catching, appealing visuals.  Textura Dos is an interesting book, because it captures the excitement of the street graffiti scene in Buenos Aires, and it also takes you on a tour around the neighborhoods of this bustling city.  There is a lot going on in the barrios, and the bold, uncompromising art featured in this book reflect the energy and the pulse of the street art scene.

The book is divided into chapters, each spotlighting a different barrio.  There is a wealth of information in the brief introductions to each section of the city, covering key aspects of the neighborhoods, including primary industries and quick demographic details, which influence the art that’s created in each.  This is one of my favorite parts of the book; in addition to learning more about Buenos Aires, I could also see how the makeup of the barrios is reflected in the art created in each one.

Textura Dos makes the perfect gift for your art-loving friends, and is a book they can refer to again and again.  It’s the cultural context that makes the graffiti so interesting, and this book does a great job drawing you into the heartbeat of the city, so you can understand and appreciate the colorful creations found here.

Purchasing the book gives you access to download royalty free, hi-res images, and exclusive, never before see images. 

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A Look at The Art of Angel Sanctuary 2: Lost Angel by Kaori Yuki

Title:  The Art of Angel Sanctuary 2: Lost Angel

Author:  Kaori Yuki

Publisher:  VIZ

ISBN:  9781421515038

This is a really sweet artbook.  I love Kaori Yuki’s color work, even though I think her stories can be downright gross.  This oversized hardcover is filled with one gorgeous illustration after another.  There are about 100 pages total, about 50 of which are full color, printed on a heavy, glossy paper. 

After the color pages is a detailed section devoted to character introductions and descriptions.  There’s a ton of background information about the world of Angel Sanctuary, and this section is also packed with thumbnail illustrations from the manga. 

The Title Page Collection follows, and it is a repository of lovely black and white illustrations.  Included is the Episode number each drawing is from, as well as the Hana to Yume issue number that it ran in. 

Next up is a lengthy interview with the artist.  I always find it interesting to read interviews, to learn more about how the authors conceive of their creations, what motivates them, how they work, and even what they do in their spare time.  This was a nicely paced interview, with interesting questions and  thoughtful responses.  Also included are design sketches and Kaori Yuki’s favorite panels.  It’s interesting to see what she considers her best work from the series.

Lost Angel is a stunning piece that Kaori Yuki fans and artbook collectors are going to want to snatch up.  There are so few of these books released over here, and I think that publishers are missing out on a golden opportunity.  Come on! Give us your color pages!

Grade:  A

Review copy provided by VIZ