Fan Appreciation Sale at Aurora!

Aurora is still holding their fan appreciation sale, and here are links to all of the details.  You can get some awesome books for cheap, cheap, cheap!  I highly recommend Future Lovers and Kiss all the Boys.  You can also preorder May titles!

Sale over at Aurora Books

I just received an email from Aurora Books, and they are having a sale on their Deux, LuvLuv, and Aurora titles.  February and March titles are $8, and titles published in January and earlier are only 4 bucks!  Send an email to for the special pricing.

Don’t know what to get?  I highly recommend Future Lovers, Make Love & Peace, and Yakuza in Love.

Check out their books at Aurora Publishing, LuvLuv Press, & Deux Press!

Make More Love & Peace by Takane Yonetani Manga Review

Title:  Make More Love & Peace

Author:  Takane Yonetani

Publisher: Luv Luv

ISBN: 9781934496527

May Contain Spoilers

Ayame and Koichi are back!  Their romance is just as steamy and sexy, but Ayame’s got new worries on her mind.  First, there’s that juvenile delinquent, Nono, who seems intent on stealing away her handsome boyfriend. Then, there’s Koichi’s ex!  Can their love survive as Koichi’s past intrudes on their present?

I enjoyed this installment better than the first book.  It’s hard not to like Ayame, and what girl doesn’t want a compassionate, thoughtful guy like Koichi?  He’s hard working, but he always makes time to listen to Ayame’s worries.  She’s just having trouble trusting him enough to share her deepest fears with him.  After meeting Nono, she’s tricked into thinking the girl has an abusive stepmother. Instead, she learns that Nono is a shoplifter, and she’s got her sights set on stealing Koichi away from her!  Nono even sets her up so that she gets caught shoplifting!  What will Koichi say when he finds out?

While I sometimes wished Ayame would stop letting people walk all over her and express how she really feels, it was easy to understand that she doesn’t want to cause any worries for Koichi.  Since he works so much, she doesn’t want to mar their time together by fighting or having disagreements, so she just lets her concerns fester inside her.  When they finally bubble to the surface, she causes a little more grief for Koichi than if she was just up front with him, but he’s always ready to give her the loving attention she needs.  What a great guy!  Too bad he’s made of ink.

“Just Like a Romance Novel” was one of the bonus chapters, and it was as good as the main story.  Maki is a shy woman who wants to be a librarian, and she’s aghast when she wakes up in Kazama’s bed after getting drunk at a party.  These two made a great couple – their personalities couldn’t have been more different, yet they had a believable chemistry.  Maki is very introverted, but Kazama manages to coax her from her shell.

“The Way You Look at Me” was the weakest chapter in the book, and didn’t leave much of an impression.  Mio has a facial scar, and she uses it for an excuse when her relationships fail.  She’s lucky that she hooked up with such an understanding guy, because all she seemed to do was create a distance between them and try to push him away. 

Make More Love & Peace is brainless fun with decent art and an engaging storyline.

Grade: A-

Rated for Mature

Review copy provided by Luv Luv

Object of Desire by Tomoko Noguchi Manga Review

Title:  Object of Desire

Author: Tomoko Noguchi

Publisher: Luv Luv

ISBN: 9781934496497

May Contain Spoilers

Object of Desire is a steamy anthology that’s typical of previous Luv Luv releases.  It’s not awful, but there’s not much content that will be remembered a week from now.  Other than the two chapters with Shizuka and Kimura, the balance of the book is pretty forgettable. 

Things kick off with the title chapter, about a girl who wishes that guys would just be honest about what they want from her.  To her surprise, classmate Mizoguchi is up front about his interest in her – he just wants to sleep with her.  Kako takes him up on the offer, and is surprised to discover that the two have many interests in common.  Can lust turn to love? 

“Lovey-Dovey” is about Atsushi, a guy who’s girlfriend is a text message junkie.  If he doesn’t respond to her messages right away, she tracks him down and wants to know why he’s ignoring.  He takes her for granted and sleeps around on her – will he ever realize that she’s the only girl for him?  I liked this story quite a bit.  Atsuko is an annoying, persistent girl, and she becomes Atsushi’s girlfriend more because he got tired of chasing her off than because he loves her.  She just kind of wears him down, until he’s too weak to fight the inevitable. 

My favorite chapters are “Oil and Water” and “With Lemon.”  Shizuka is a tomboy and a brainiac to boot, which doesn’t make her very popular with the boys.  She has an especially volatile relationship with Kimura, the not so bright guy who sits next to her in class.  Shizuka will never to the girly type, and falling for a guy like Kimura has her doubting herself all the time.  I liked Shizuka because she’s level headed and smart and she stayed true to herself.  And she still got the guy in the end.

“Maid for Love” was brainless fluff, as Airi, who works at a maid cafe, tries to be the perfect girl for Yuji, her salaryman boyfriend.  An invitation to a party at his boss’ house leaves her feeling like she’ll hold Yuji back from success.  Yuji was the nicest guy in the entire book, so I’m not sure why I didn’t like this chapter better.

“Summer Prince” wrapped everything up, but unfortunately, it was another weak entry.  When foreign exchange student Steve invades her home and her dreams, Mami can’t stop thinking about the handsome stranger.  How can she get him to look only at her, and ignore all the other girls?  Steve was a jerk, and Mami should have had her first fling with a nicer guy.

Object of Desire doesn’t add up to anything special, but the mix of stories makes for a decent way to waste some time.  The art is plain and kind of ugly, but it gets the job done.  Aside from all of the guys cheating, the majority of the characters are fairly likeable, especially Shizuka.  If you’re looking for some racy, somewhat romantic fluff, this will probably fit the bill.

Grade: C+

Rated for Mature

Review copy provided by Luv Luv

Make Love & Peace by Takane Yonetani Mange Review

Title:  Make Love & Peace

Author:  Takane Yonetani

Publisher:  Luv Luv

ISBN:  9781934496329

May Contain Spoilers

Sorry about the lack of posts – real life keeps raising its ugly head and interfering with my leisure time!  I have some unpleasant decisions to make and am trying to weigh all the options before committing to anything, and it involves a lot of research.  In addition, it’s scaring the crap out of me.  Ugh.

Make Love & Peace is my favorite Luv Luv title to date.  The characters are energetic and easy to like, and best of all, they actually treat each other like they care about each other.  Yay!  That’s kind of important for a romance, and something that I feel has been lacking from previous titles.

Feisty Ayame can’t just stand by and watch when others are being taken advantage of.  When she witnesses a purse snatching, she leaps into action, helping to apprehend the criminal.  She falls in love at first site with the arresting police officer, and a few weeks of dedicated stalking lands her a boyfriend.  Ayame and Koichi are now deeply in love, struggling to find time to spend together as Koichi, a dedicated cop, puts in long hours on the force. 

Even though the chapters followed the same format, I didn’t get bored with this book.  Each chapter started and ended with Ayame and Koichi engaged in passionate displays of their love, which included lots of sweat drops and lurid sound effects.  In between all of the sex were some convincing problems for our couple to overcome.  Ayame’s parents were killed when she was a child, and she lives with her grandparents while she attends college.  Her grandparents worry about Koichi’s profession, and pressure him to think of Ayame’s future by changing careers.  Koichi loves his job despite the long hours and crappy pay, but he’s troubled by the realization that he could be killed, leaving Ayame alone again. 

In addition, Koichi’s younger brother drops in for repeated visits, which add conflicts to Ayame and Koichi’s relationship.  Even Ayame’s idle talk of having children causes misunderstandings for the couple to work out.  Ayame’s forceful personality stirs things up, too, and her impulsiveness puts her in danger quite a few times. 

With lively characters, some suspenseful situations, and intense romance, Make Love & Peace was an enjoyable read.  I am looking forward to Make More Love & Peace in January!

Grade:  B+

Rated for Mature

Review copy provided by Luv Luv

[PR] Luv Luv Press on!

September 30, 2008 Los Angeles
LuvLuv Press, the josei imprint of Aurora Publishing, will have their titles
available for purchase and viewing on NETCOMICS¹ site starting early October
2008. Readers will see the first release in October, and the following
releases will come one per month.  Following with NETCOMICS¹ format, readers
will be able to see a free preview of the first chapter of any particular
title¹s first release.  Since LuvLuv Press¹ current releases are one-shots,
all of them will have free previews.  ³We are extremely thrilled to be
partnering with NETCOMICS,² said Aurora President Mr. Nobuo Kitawaki. ³The
online market is another great possibility to expand the English manga
market, and NETCOMIC¹s expertise will contribute greatly to that.²
³We are very excited to have Aurora join our platform to provide their manga
to online readers.² said NETCOMICS¹ president Heewoon Chung. ³Together with
Aurora¹s popular manga titles, our service will appeal to a broader range of
readers, and our partnership will bring it to new heights.²
Readers will first see Voices of Love, by Kanae Hazuki ­ LuvLuv Press¹ debut
release and a hot seller at Anime Expo and Otakon.  A collection of five
romantic, hot and sexy stories about modern women and the men they love.
All of the stories depict romantic and physical relationships with nothing
held back.

Read more

Pretty Poison by Yutta Narukami Manga Review

Title:  Pretty Poison

Author:  Yutta Narukami

Publisher:  Luv Luv

ISBN:  9781934496381

May Contain Spoilers

Riyako is head over heels in love with her boyfriend Nobuki, and she’s ready for a commitment.  Seems that Nobuki isn’t, and Riyako is crushed to learn that he’s been cheating on her.  A chance meeting with the handsome Shogo just might mend her broken heart – until she sees Shogo and Nobuki together!  Can she really trust Shogo?

I would have enjoyed Pretty Poison better if Riyako had been a more assertive.  Instead of driving the action forward, she just gets swept along with it.  When she discovers that Nobuki is cheating on her, she doesn’t confront him with justified outrage; she bursts into tears instead.  Mind you, her tears were wasted on the jerk, and he wasn’t worth having a hissy fit over, but sometimes you feel better after telling someone what an asshole he is.

Riyako has just met Shogo, and he’s there to provide a shoulder for her to cry on.  Oh, and since she’s that distraught, maybe a little physical activity will chase thoughts of Nobuki right out of her mind.  Surprise, surprise!  It worked!  After a passionate night spent in the handsome Shogo’s arms, Riyako’s ready to forget about Nobuki.  Now, if only Shogo had been cut from a different cloth than her ex, but no, Shogo has some secrets to hide, too. 

I didn’t care for Shogo, the misunderstood bad boy.  He and Nobuki are in cahoots, but Riyako doesn’t seem to mind.  Probably because the younger man is dynamite in bed.  Drives every woman insane.  There are lots of them lurking in his past, and not all of them are ready to forgive his philandering ways. While Riyako is trying to tame her new man, other women aren’t quite so ready to let him go. 

While the characters didn’t win me over, Pretty Poison was a brainless retreat from reality, even though the flimsy plot will quickly be forgotten .  Shogo may not have been a knight in shining armor, but he wasn’t half bad to look at. 

Also contains the bonus story “Yuji Scores,” about Chisa and her boyfriend Yuji.  Yuji is a professional soccer player, and when he asks Chisa to marry him, she’s thrilled.  Until she learns that Yuji is responsible and they’ll need to live on a budget.  Horrors!  Will the selfish Chisa realize how important Yuji is to her before it’s too late?

Grade: C+

Rated for Mature

Review copy provided by Luv Luv

LuvLuv at AX 08

Quick post about the LuvLuv panel.  No new announcements, with the focus on giving a run-down on the remaining titles for 2008.  Here’s the list:

July 08 – Pretty Poison by Yutta Narukami

Sept 08 – Make Love and Peace 1 by Takane Yonetani

Nov 08 – Sounds of Love by Rin Tanaka

Dec 08 – Object of Desire by Tomoko Noguchi

All titles are 10.95, but if you’re at Expo, you can pick up their previous releases, as well as Pretty Poison, for 7 bucks.  Run to Booth 525 when the dealer room opens for your LuvLuv fix.