June/801 Media at AX08

June/801 panels are a test of stamina, as they run through the titles so swiftly that they make your head spin.  Here is what I was able to get –

801 –

Hey, Class President

Dog x Cat

June –

Desire Dangerous Feelings

Moonlit Promise

Tricky Prince

Double Trouble

Where has Love Gone

Then Comes Love

Pure Heart

The Way to Heaven

Clan of Nakagamis #2

Object of My Affection


The Longest Time

Live for Love

Eat or Be Eaten

The Spiral of Sand


Manhattan Love Story

Planet of Earthquake


The Lonely Egoist

When the Heavens Smile

Suggestive Eyes

Hey Sensei!

Love Syndrome

Love Potion

Someone asked about the fourth volume of Only the Ring Finger Knows – they are working on it.  A couple of titles are still caught up in the Biblos bankruptcy purgatory – they are working on them on a title by title basis.  Bad news about this?  Their production schedule is all full for 2009, so the earliest we will see some of the titles is 2010.

Their new online store, Yaoi Club, was also briefly discussed.  It opens on Sept 10, but you can sign up for updates at www.yaoi-club.com, and receive a 15% off coupon!

I will update the list with authors, and hopefully some additional title information once I have a tiny bit more time.  Sorry!

DMP at AX08

Most of the panel was an advertisement for the Pop Japan Tours, which is something that I wish I could do, but alas, it will remain a dream to one day visit Japan.    Anyway, here are the new licenses for DMP –

Utahime – Aki

Overclock – Once in a Blue Moon

Tale of a White Knight

1 Sakura Hill

Lyrical Nanoha Strikers

RH Plus

Ghost Hunt Scramble – Ototachibana

A Time for Magic

Under their new Doki Doki line of BL –

Princess Princess + – Mikiyo Tsuda

Happy Boys, a shojo by Makoto Tateno

Wolf God – Ai Tenkawa

Otadama – Youka Nitta

Crimson Cross – Kyoko Negishi and Sakae Maeda

Millennium Prime Minister – Shojo, Eiki Eiki

More information about the titles should be able on their website early next week. 

They raffled off a bunch of prizes, and the bag of Gloomy Bear merchandise had Jen drooling.  She didn’t win it, but through some slick negations with the disinterested winner, she ended up with it anyway.

Viz at AX08 – Part 2

Duh!  I neglected to add the new licenses in my last Viz post.  Here’s some of the plan for 2009.

There will be VizBig editions of Hot Gimmick and Fushigi Yugi.

Oishinbo is about one of my favorite things – food!  Wonder what that will be like.  Sake and Cuisine are the first planned releases.

Heaven’s Will by Satoru Takamiya – Jan 09

Magic Touch by Izumi Tsubaki – Jan 09

Otomen by Aya Kanno – Jan 09

Honey Hunt by Miki Aihara – Mar 09

Gesalt by Yun Kouga – June 09

Broccoli at AX08

Not a whole lot of information at this panel.  No new announcements, but Jonathan Kung ran through recent releases, including the gorgeous first volume of Cosmode USA.   If you are into cos-play, this is the publication for you. It’s a hardcover and it includes tips and tricks for cos-play.  It’s a very nice looking production.

He also had copies of Koi Cupid, sola, and the new Disgaea artbook.  NUI! sounds cute, about a girl who loves her plushies so much that they come to life, and at only 3 volumes, it will be worth picking up.

After the panel, I asked about the next volume of  Kamui, and also what happened to the Boysenberry line of BL manga.  The answers were kind of vague, but hopefully we will see Kamui in the Fall, and the next Boysenberry books in the winter.  I guess I shouldn’t have been alarmed that the Boysenberry website hasn’t been updated since Nov ’07, or that Sex Friend is 7 months late.

CMX at AX08

I always enjoy the CMX panels because they actually give you a synopsis of their upcoming releases.  Here’s the lowdown on the panel from yesterday:

Batman: Deathmask graphic novel will be out 10/08, collecting all four issues and including bonus artwork and materials.

EMMA – the 3 remaining volumes will be released in ’09.  Yay!

Crayon Shinchan is on a bimonthly release schedule.

Flat Earth Exchange, due this month, is a four volume sci-fi story about a guy who wakes up from suspended animation to discover that androids have taken over the planet.  Lots of action and political intrigue.

Shirley is a collection of short stories written by Kaoru Mori prior to her work on EMMA.

The Girl Who Runs Through Time – Two volume series based on a novel from the ’60’s.  A girl finds that she can jump through time.  She wants to use her powers for good, but she learns that things don’t always go as planned when you’re playing around with time.

Go West! is a Yu Yagami title about a girl who comes to America from England.  Her parents have had an accident, and she’s looking for them.  It’s a quirky title with plenty of humor and action.

Classical Medley – This is a Flex title about a king and queen who have been taken over by evil spirits, and the young prince who tries to save them and the kingdom.

Astral Project takes place in contemporary Japan.  A guy finds out that his sister has died, and he finds a mysterious CD in her stuff.  It gives the listener the ability to be transported out of their body, and he thinks it has something to do with his sister’s death. 

Suihelibe! is another Flex title.  This is All Ages, and is two volumes long.  About an alien girl who lands on earth and has to join the biology club to save her little critters, which have escaped.

Fire Investigator Nanase, due 01/09, is about a rookie fire investigator whose parents died in a fire.  A serial arsonist takes an interest in her, giving her clues about fires, and her supervisor starts to get very suspicious about her relationship with him.

Jihai is another sci-fi title from Toshimi Nogoshi, and it’s scheduled for 02/09.  Clones only have an 18 year life span, and the lead character is a 17 year old clone.  His best friend has been killed, and he is trying to find his killer.

Venus Capriccio is due Spring of ’09 and has a musical setting.  A girl who used to take piano lessons with a boy meets him years later, after her heart has been broken. 

Ballad of the Shinigami is 3 volumes and is about a death god in training.

The Name of the Flower is four volumes long.  A girl whose parents die in an accident is shuffled from relative to relative.  She ends up with her father’s cousin.  He’s a recluse, and the story is about how they change each other.

There is a monthly newsletter, CMXtra that you can sign up for on the CMX site.  It will have news and information about their titles.

Go! Comi at AX08

The panel started with a trailer for 07-Ghost, which I had no interest in previously, but am now intrigued.  Something about seven mystical beings and a guy with the power to save the world just pushed the right buttons for me.

Next were quick overviews of their new titles, Kamisama Kazoku, Cy-Believers, Ultimate Venus, and Yggdrasil.

New titles are Days of Cool Idols, a BL due in the fall, Angel’s Coffin by Yuu Higuri, and Crown by Shinji Wada, with art by Yuu Higuri, and Bound Beauty (Shibariya Komachi)by Mick Takeuchi.  Bound Beauty sounds interesting – it’s about a girl who can see the threads of fate and the trouble she gets into because of this ability.

Next up was a preview of O-Play, an online game platform based on the concept of dating sims.  Three different games are in development, and they are like choose your own adventures, with multiple story threads – stat building was replaced with plot building.  The games are episodic, like reading a manga – they are shooting for immersive manga, where you interactive with characters and influence the plot.  If they are successful, they are looking at having games based on Japanese manga properties – Yuu Higuri and Setona Mizushiro were specifically mentioned, and they were the first to preview the games.

They ran through the prologue of Dragon Academy, and showed characters designs for the game.  Haven’t decided on pricing, but plan on eventually offering subscription pricing as well as per episode pricing.  I found this concept kind of interesting, depending on the price.

Someone asked if they are interested in licensing any other works by Tomo Maeda – the answer was a definite “yes.”

A print version of the first volume of Masque of the Red Death will be available in Oct.

Viz at AX08

Nothing earth shattering from Viz, and I was not alone wondering why they didn’t have a booth at AX.  Here’s the run-down of the titles they are plugging for the rest of the year:


Blue Dragon Vol 1 – 9/16

Naruto Movie 2 – 7/29

Naruto Movie 3 – 11/11

Bleach Movie 1 – 10/14

Buso Renkin Box Set 2 – 10/7

Inu Yasha Box Set 6 – 12/2

Hunter x Hunter Box Set 1 12/9 – 3 discs for a total of 15 eps

Death Note Box Set 1 – 11/18 – 20 eps

Manga –

They discussed Cat Eyed Boy, Real, and Slam Dunk -there will be a dust jacket available for SD at SDCC

One Pound Gospel – the final volume will be available in Dec.  How long did that take for Takahashi to complete??

Solanin will be available in 10/08, combining both volumes in one release.

Black Lagoon – 08/08, with a dust jacket available at SDCC

Vagabond Big – 09/08

Artbooks –

Dragonball Artbook will be available 10/08 @ 24.99, as will The Art of Full Moon @ 19.99

Bleach Profiles and All Color But the Black are headed our way, too, but I missed the release date.

There will be some box sets, too –

Bleach, volumes 1-21 09/08

Naruto 1-27 08/08

Death Note 1-12 10/08

Dragonball and Dragonball Z in October

They are planning a Shonen Jump 5th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, which will be a hardcover priced at $24.99

Collector’s Editions for some of their most popular titles are also in the works.  They will be hardcover with dust jackets, and will include bonus content.  Priced at 19.99