[PR] VIZ Debuts Office Romance Midnight Secretary

{ED. I have a couple press releases to share today.  First up is Viz’s Midnight Secretary, which I think will have cross-over appeal for New Adult readers}



New Series From The Shojo Beat Imprint Follows A Dedicated Office Worker And Her Mysterious Boss, Who Turns Out To Be A Vampire!

San Francisco, CA, August 19, 2013 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest publisher, distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, debuts the sexy supernatural office romance of MIDNIGHT SECRETARY as the manga (graphic novel) series launches on September 3rd. MIDNIGHT SECRETARY was created by Tomu Ohmi and will be published under the Shojo Beat imprint, is rated ‘M’ for Mature Readers, and will carry an MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN.

Kaya Satozuka prides herself on being an excellent secretary and a consummate professional, so she doesn’t even bat an eye when she’s reassigned to the office of her company’s difficult director, Kyohei Tohma. He’s as prickly – and hot – as rumors paint him, but Kaya is unfazed… until she discovers that he’s a vampire!!

“Despite uncovering his secret bloodthirsty identity, Kaya dedicates herself to serving the wicked Director Tohma to the best of her ability, even if it means lots of late nights at the office,” says Pancha Diaz, Editor. “This highly requested shojo series should become a favorite with mature readers who will delight as Kaya slowly breaks down her boss’s tough and demanding exterior. But the plot quickly thickens as the pair slowly develops feelings for each other. Each will have difficult choices to face in order to reconcile the feelings of the heart with the vastly different lives they lead.”

Manga creator Tomu Ohmi debuted in 2000 with the romantic supernatural series, Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou (Let’s Make Forbidden Love). Her series, MIDNIGHT SECRETARY, also ran in the popular Japanese shojo magazine, Petit Comic.

For more information on MIDNIGHT SECRETARY, or other popular shojo manga titles from VIZ Media, please visit www.shojobeat.com.

About VIZ Media, LLC

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, VIZ Media distributes, markets and licenses the best anime and manga titles direct from Japan.  Owned by three of Japan’s largest manga and animation companies, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co., Ltd., VIZ Media has the most extensive library of anime and manga for English speaking audiences in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa. With its popular digital manga anthology WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP and blockbuster properties like NARUTO, BLEACH and INUYASHA, VIZ Media offers cutting-edge action, romance and family friendly properties for anime, manga, science fiction and fantasy fans of all ages.  VIZ Media properties are available as graphic novels, DVDs, animated television series, feature films, downloadable and streaming video and a variety of consumer products.  Learn more about VIZ Media, anime and manga at www.VIZ.com.

Harlequin and Cosmo Team Up for Cosmo Red Hot Reads

Harlequin and Cosmo are teaming up to introduce Cosmo Red Hot Reads, an eBook only imprint.  Here’s a press release for the line, and information about the first few titles.  I’m interested in reading Sylvia Day’s Afterburn and Aftershock.  Day’s titles will be offered for sale in print and digital.  You can learn more about Cosmo Red Hot Reads here – http://www.harlequin.com/store.html?cid=3542#top

Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin is kicking-off with two books by #1 New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Sylvia Day. The first title, Afterburn, will be published on August 15, 2013. The second title, Aftershock, will be released on November 15, 2013. Both titles will be connected editorially and feature characters newly created for the Cosmo–Harlequin series. (Afterburn and Aftershock will also be released as a two-in-one trade paperback in November 2013.) The imprint will release an average of two books per month, with the exception of August and November 2013. Cosmopolitan is the world’s largest women’s magazine and the biggest-selling monthly magazine on U.S. newsstands, making it a perfect match for this partnership with Harlequin.

Here’s info on the first few releases.  What do you think of the new line?  Will you be reading these?


Afterburn by Sylvia Day kicks things off this month

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day, America’s premier author of provocative fiction, delivers the debut novel from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin.
The realization that Jax still affected me so strongly was a jagged pill to swallow. He’d only been part of my life for five short weeks two years ago. But now he was back. Walking into a deal I’d worked hard to close. And God, he was magnificent. His eyes were a brown so dark they were nearly black. Thickly lashed, they were relentless in their intensity. Had I really thought they were soft and warm? There was nothing soft about Jackson Rutledge. He was a hard and jaded man, cut from a ruthless cloth.
In that moment I understood how badly I wanted to unravel the mystery of Jax. Bad enough that I didn’t mind how much it was going to cost me..




Cake by Lauren Dane

Cake is one of the launch novellas in the new Red Hot Reads from Cosmo and Harlequin! Cake is a contemporary romance between Wren, an artist who loves manga and animation and Gregori, a pierced, inked, mohawked mixed media artist …

Fearless by Tawny Weber

Promising career: check
Amazing apartment: check
The best of friends: check
Sex life: MIA

There’s just one thing missing from Gia Renyard’s life: sexual adventure. And the one man she’d like to have it with is her hot coworker Luke Monroe. If only company rules didn’t prohibit her from asking him out… So Gia comes up with a plan: make herself over into a fantasy seductress, follow Luke to a convention in Sin City and have her way with him for one erotic weekend. The man will never even know who did him.

Everything is going according to plan—until Gia discovers that Luke is perfect for her outside the bedroom, too. And suddenly she’s no longer content to let what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas…


Everything You Need to Know by HeleyKay Dimon

Welcome to Need to Know—Because a Woman Can’t Be Too Informed

Dating in D.C. is like navigating an apocalyptic wasteland populated by men in expensive suits with zero mating potential. Need to Know provides all the information a savvy single woman like you needs to avoid dating disasters.

By night, Jordan McAdam is the proprietor of a popular website that rates D.C.’s hottest bachelors—everything from how quick they email you back to their skills in the sack. She’s been burned once too often to accept any man at face value. By day, her job as an office temp puts her in the perfect position to do a little fact-checking on her rich and powerful subjects. When her latest assignment brings her face-to-face with the sexy but mysterious Forest Redder, Jordan decides to do a little "hands on" research of her own. To Jordan, he seems like the perfect man—but she knows there is no such thing. Moreover, there’s a big problem: Forest knows Jordan’s the woman behind the scandalous site—and Jordan knows he knows. Will he expose her secret—or find his own posted on Need to Know?


Naked Susi by Jina Bacarr

A Delicious Mistake

One day I’m getting canned from my job as a computer programmer for having wild copy-room sex with a guy I thought was the new game designer. The next, I’m crashing my ex-boss’s business lunch in a creative attempt to get my job back and men are eating sushi off my naked body!

That’s when I realize
a) My ex-boss is a hiding corporate secrets
b) Hot copy-room guy is an undercover FBI agent
c) I would make a kick-ass spy!

Then Special Agent Hottie brings out his cuffs, and things get really interesting…

November brings Aftershock by Sylvia Day

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day comes the gripping romantic conclusion to the miniseries that launched Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin. It started with Afterburn (available August 15, 2013) and ends with an Aftershock.

Which one sounds most appealing?  I admit that the length (25,000-30,000) is very appealing. There are so many times that I want a shorter read, and these look like they will fit the bill nicely when I do want a quicker book to sit down with.   At $3.99, though, I’m not so certain that I like the pricing…

Book Blast! Never Too Far by Thomas Christopher

Never Too Far
by Thomas Christopher
Kindle Edition, 272 pages
Published May 10th 2012 by Kalmaha Press

A harrowing story of love and survival.

In a future of scarce resources, where the possession of gas and diesel is punishable by death, a teenage boy and a pregnant girl must save their impoverished family. They risk their lives on a terrifying journey to sell stolen fuel on the black market.

Mary surprised Joe by knocking his arms away. She was stronger than she looked. Then she swept her legs off the bed and sprang to her feet. She took two steps and turned to face him as if to prove there was nothing wrong with her. But there was definitely something wrong. She wavered a moment. Her already white face turned ghostly. Her eyelids trembled. She seemed to realize she was becoming faint, and what that meant.

“I’m fine,” she said. “You don’t have to go.”

Joe got ready to catch her in case she fell, but somehow she held herself steady.

“It’s okay,” Joe said. “Just sit down. I will go find some food.”

Joe inched toward her. He was afraid to grab her again because she might try to wrench free once more and really fall. When she coughed, her little shoulders jerked and her round stomach jumped. Her head was drooped low and her hair hung down so he couldn’t see her face at all.

“Come on, lay down,” Joe said.

She didn’t move. Joe stepped toward her, but before he could put his arms around her, she tilted forward and rested the crown of her head against his chest. He slid his arms along the sides of her hard belly and around her waist. Then he shifted her toward the bed again. She moved like a bundle of empty sacks in his arms. He set her gently on the bed before he bent down to lift her feet onto the sheets.

After he sat in the chair, Mary asked him, “What if you don’t come back?”

“That’s not going to happen,” Joe said.

“How do you know?”

“I just know. You have to trust me.”

Purchase your copy today!


Thomas Christopher grew up in Iowa, where he graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. After living in Seattle and Montana, he received his MFA at Western Michigan University. He has published short stories in The Louisville Review, The MacGuffin, Redivider, Small Spiral Notebook, Cooweescoowee, and other places. He was also awarded an Irving S. Gilmore Emerging Artist Grant and was a finalist for the Matthew Clark Prize in Fiction. Currently, he lives in Wisconsin with his wife Jessica and their son Holton.

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Indulgence Has a New Look!

Entangled Publishing gave their Indulgence line a new look!  Check out the new covers – what do you think of them?

These July titles release soon with the new covers, so you can get a better look at the style and design.

About the book:


A chef and a rock star. They couldn’t be from more different worlds…

Rock star royalty’s favorite son, Jake Olsen, couldn’t help but interfere after listening to his future brother-in-law talk non-stop about his ex-wife, Beth Carlisle. Jake decides that the only way to get the groom’s mind off his ex-wife is to give her a fake fiancé.

Before Jake can convince Beth of his plan, he’s forced to move in with her to avoid the paparazzi. Their instant attraction makes for a sizzling "first date", but soon Jake’s fame gets in the way and Beth wants out. Too bad Jake’s figured out just why her ex is so obsessed with her, and he’s afraid he’s not going to be able to give her up either.

Now it’s up to Jake to convince this chef together they make the perfect recipe.

About the book:

Image consultant Blake Matthews is facing his toughest PR challenge yet: salvage the image of celebrity chef Kirin Hart. Once he does, he’ll be able to acquire LA’s most successful PR firm. But Kirin’s no easy fix. She’s stubborn about changing her comfortable homemaker image, and is being sued for sexual harassment by a junior staffer. She needs a PR lifeline fast. Only problem is Blake wants more than to make her over…

Kirin doesn’t need a makeover–her fans love her as she is. But she could lose everything if the sex scandal and reputation that has followed doesn’t get quashed right away. Kirin agrees to let model-perfect Blake work his magic for two weeks, but things get complicated when she can’t deny the way her body flares to life whenever he’s near.



About the book:

Preschool teacher Laura Nichols is celebrating her birthday and sister’s bachelorette party in Vegas. Being in Sin City is thrilling and she intends on tapping in to her wild side. Laura can’t resist the added excitement that comes with saying yes when a hunky man off the street proposes…

FBI agent David Abruzzo has been working undercover as a thug to bring down the Zacolli crime family, but his cover depends on convincing the mob he came to Vegas for a quickie wedding. If they catch on to his plan, his cover’s blown, and he’s as good as dead.

Over the course of 48 hours, David and Laura use rollercoasters, glowing condoms, and exotic male dancers to stay alive and bring the crime family down. But it will take more than Lady Luck, one night of passion, and a little Vegas magic to turn their fake marriage into something real.

PR: Debbie Macomber Fan Retreat – Grab Your Girlfriends and Head to Nashville


I received a press release for Debbie Macomber’s Fan Retreat, and because it sounds like fun, I wanted to share all of the deets.  Check it out:

Looking for an easy summer getaway? Grab your girlfriends and head to Nashville for a special weekend with fellow book lovers in one of the South’s most vibrant cities! Held at the exquisite Opryland Resort from August 9–11, Debbie Macomber Fan Retreat offers the perfect way to experience the tastes, sounds and Southern charms of Nashville.

Enjoy a weekend of fun without planning a thing

Book your hotel room and your Fan Retreat ticket covers the rest! Get ready for an all-inclusive weekend of entertainment: listen to a country music band under the Tennessee stars; hop on a bus tour of Nashville’s landmarks and celebrity homes; dance the night away with friends at the Sock Hop Dinner; and spend time with one of America’s favorite authors, Debbie Macomber.

Experience the famed Opryland Resort for less

Fan Retreat guests will enjoy Opryland Resort‘s many amenities—luxurious guest rooms, acres of beautiful indoor gardens, cascading waterfalls, three pools to lounge by—all at an exclusive discount, making this the perfect weekend escape.

Exclusive perks at Fan Retreat

At Fan Retreat you’ll also walk away with tons of swag: early access to Debbie Macomber’s new novel, Rose Harbor in Bloom; and special giveaways from event partners including FitBit, Celestial Seasonings and local favorite, GooGoo Clusters. Plus a one year subscription to ALL YOU. To lighten the load, we’re including a Debbie Macomber tote bag to help bring everything home!

Win a Consultation with Publishing Professionals

Are you an aspiring writer? Sign up for the Fan Retreat between now and June 30th and your entered to win a consultation with a member from Debbie’s Random House publishing team. Meet with someone from editorial, marketing, or publicity to get an in-depth look at what goes on at a major publishing house and tips on how to navigate it all.

For more information on Debbie Macomber Fan Retreat and tickets, go to MacomberRetreat.com.


{Sorry about the late notice; I just received this email}


Newly refashioned site will showcase eBook originals, exclusive author content,

innovative e-commerce options, and much more


New York, New York (June 5, 2013) – Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, is proud to introduce XOXO After Dark (www.xoxoafterdark.com), a newly refashioned site that builds upon the success of Pocket After Dark, its online community that showcases the best in romance, urban fantasy, and women’s fiction. 

Developed by Simon & Schuster Digital, XOXO After Dark will continue to offer access to exclusive content and provide a venue for members to connect with other readers, editors, and their favorite authors.  From free full-length books to contests, giveaways, author interviews and live chats, dedicated genre fans will find lots to read, share, and talk about.  In addition to news and reviews, XOXO After Dark will also feature hot topics in pop culture that readers are talking about.

“As reader discussion—and discovery—of books moves to the Web, we believe it’s more important than ever to have an inviting, entertaining and informative online presence to highlight our books and support the genre overall,” said Louise Burke, President and Publisher, Pocket Books.

New to XOXO After Dark is dedicated space for Pocket Star eBook Originals, with a rotating carousel for the latest specials, discounts, and updates, and a shop to purchase both eBook originals as well as eBook editions of favorite print authors.  XOXO After Dark has also improved the e-reading  experience  – registered users can now enjoy free reads not just on the site, but even on their smart phone or tablet.  An editor favorite is the “Balls o’ Fire” Heat Meter, which tells readers just how steamy the romance gets. “Our fire-breathing dragon awards each book from one to five fireballs. One ball o’ fire means the book is safe to share with your mom, while five balls o’ fire means it’s time to draw the curtains and open the wine!” said Lauren McKenna, Editorial Director, Pocket Star.

One of the most highly-anticipated features on the site integrates recommendation and e-commerce.  A special book module allows readers to directly purchase the books they read about in blog posts—whether those books are published by Pocket Books or another romance publisher–via Buy buttons that link to major retailers.

XOXO After Dark is supported by Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster, but features romance and women’s fiction from all publishers, allowing members access to all of their favorite books.

Pocket Books is an imprint of Simon & Schuster.  Simon & Schuster, a part of the CBS Corporation, is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic, and audio formats. Its divisions include Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, Simon & Schuster Digital, and international companies in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and India.  For more information, visit our website at http://www.simonandschuster.com.

Grab Skankenstein by Katie Reiter and David Fumarola for FREE!

I’m always up for a bargain, so when the authors of Skankenstein alerted me that their book will be available for FREE starting today, I decided to share the news with all of you.  Go grab it if you enjoy the excerpt!

From Katie Reiter and David Fumarola:

We would like to let you and your readers know that from Friday, May 17th to Tuesday, May 21st we will be offering our debut novel, Skankenstein, for FREE in the Amazon Kindle Store. Interested readers can access the Kindle edition at http://www.amazon.com/Skankenstein-ebook/dp/B005UTD0KS.

About the book:

Sometimes the ugliest monsters come in the prettiest packages:

Victoria Frank is the picture of teen perfection – she’s talented, witty, and ruthless – but being queen of tiny Geneva, NY isn’t enough. Tired of merely designing the perfect outfit, she sets out to design the perfect person. But by the time she realizes beauty is only skin deep, she’s already unleashed her monster on the world. Now it’s a race against time to stop the vile creature from destroying her life, and she has to do it in the most evil place of all – high school.

After ditching her horrifying creation in L.A., all Victoria wants is the perfect senior year, but it becomes impossible when the dreaded beast shows up in her own backyard. Armed with a new body, a new attitude and a new name, M turns the school hierarchy on its head. But when M suffers the embarrassment of a lifetime and sets her sights on revenge, our queen bee finds herself pitted in a cat fight to the death where kid sisters, boyfriends and tiaras are all fair game. It’s a twist on Frankenstein unlike any before, with an ending so explosive it’ll leave your bowels quaking.


David Fumarola has been writing as long as he can remember, and getting the stories out of his head and onto the page is the only thing that gives him peace of mind. Katie Reiter enjoys writing in her spare time, as well as cheap wine, teen drama and hipster safaris. They met as teenagers interning at the Albany Times Union and have been writing together since 2009. Skankenstein is their debut novel.






EXCERPT (“Salted Wounds”)

“Ok,” I said, folding my arms and sitting back in the booth. “I get it; you’re a bad ass bitch. Now what the hell do you want?”

She set down her burger, ketchup and onions spilling out where she had taken a bite. The greasy graveyard on her plate made me want to vomit. I had spent a good portion of my life avoiding crap like that. Not only was I trying to stay skinny, but that stuff goes straight to your complexion.

“What’s the rush, Victoria? Believe me; we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other from now on.”

“Yeah,” I snorted, “right.”

“And your tone! What would your mother say if she could hear you?”

“You don’t know crap about my mother!”

“Well, I know she raised a shallow, manipulative mess.”

I couldn’t keep my anger inside any longer. Still, I didn’t want to cause a big scene, even if we were in a trashy diner. I reached out and grabbed her plate, sliding it toward me. I grabbed the salt and twisted off the top. Then I flipped open the burger and dumped the contents of the entire jar onto the beef patty. I smiled and slid the plate back to her.

The wretch shook her head. “Now what was the point of that?”

“It made me feel better.” My smile turned into a grin.

She sighed and pushed the plate toward the edge of the table, where the waitress could collect it. “This conversation’s starting to bore me,” she said, “so I’ll cut to the chase.”

“Well?” I asked impatiently.

“I need your help.”

I scoffed. “You need a lot more help than I can give you.”

Read more


I wanted to help spread the word – Nominate a woman you admire and who helps change people’s lives.



Each year, the Harlequin More Than Words award is given to three women who have worked hard to change people’s lives for the better. Inspired by their accomplishments, Harlequin donates $15,000 to each winner’s charity of choice and then pairs each winner with a bestselling Harlequin author who turns her story into a novella that’s released to the public as a free e-book.

Nominations for the 2014 awards have just opened and will be open until August 9th. To nominate someone you know who is making a difference in the world, or to nominate yourself, you need to submit a few sentences on the nominee, the charity she’s involved in, what inspires her and how she’s inspiring others. The nomination form is available here:

After the nominations are closed in August, the entrants are narrowed down to 5 finalists and the public votes for 3 winners (in November). Then, winners are announced in December, and honored through the $15,000 donation, the novella written about them and feature coverage on Harlequin’s site! (http://www.harlequinmorethanwords.com/). It’s a great program to honor all of the women who spend their time and energy doing things for others and might not be getting the recognition they deserve!

As a bonus, you can check out the 3 ebooks about the 2012 winners – available for free!

The books are:

– Good Neighbors by Sheila Roberts (inspired by Sally Spencer, who manages a mentoring program that rescues at-risk children)
– Just Joe by Carla Cassidy (inspired by Helen McGovern, who oversees Emergency Food Network, a food bank that serves all county residents, including those with health restrictions)
– Light This Candle by Cindy Dees (inspired by Mindy Atwood, who runs Patches of Light, a nonprofit organization where anonymous angels pay the rent for parents of desperately ill children)

Download them for free from Harlequin here: http://www.harlequinmorethanwords.com/novellas/.

Download them for free from Amazon here (Kindle-friendly versions): http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=node%3D1286228011&field-keywords=%22Harlequin+more+than+words%22&rh=n%3A1286228011%2Ck%3A%22Harlequin+more+than+words%22

Download them for free from B&N here (Nook-friendly versions): http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/harlequin-more-than-words?store=allproducts&keyword=harlequin+more+than+words