Bring it on! #1 Review

Title:  Bring it on! #1

Author:  Baek HyeKyung

Publisher:  Ice Kunion

This was an uninspiring high school romance comedy mess.  Don’t ask me what it was about – I couldn’t tell you!  This  boring collection of pages couldn’t hold my attention for longer than 3 or 4 minutes at a time.  I would try to read this before going to bed, and found myself nodding off.  Three nights in a row!  I should keep this book for those nights when I just can’t fall asleep!  Yuck!! Avoid this one!! 

Grade:  Y – Yawn!!!!!

Angel Diary #1 Manhwa Review


Title: Angel Diary #1

Authors: Kara & Lee YunHee

Publisher:  ICE Kuion

Plot:  Dong-Young, a princess in Heaven, has been betrothed to the King of Hell.  Opposed to the union, she flees Heaven before the wedding and hides out on Earth, disguised as a boy.  Four Guardians of Heaven are charged with finding the missing princess.  To complicate matters, Dong-Young is a ghost magnet, attracting every spirit in her vicinity.  How can she remain hidden from the Guardians of Heaven.  And why does the mysterious Bi-Wal turn up whenever she’s in trouble?

Review:  This volume was kind of confusing.  I don’t understand the relationship between Bi-Wal and Dong-Young.  At first I thought they barely knew each other, but later in the book one of their classmates mentions that they are best friends? Maybe this will clear up as the story progresses – I hope.

This series is from the same artists as Demon Diary.  That was a little confusing, when I  think back on the volumes that I read.  However, I enjoyed the relationship between the lead characters, especially as Dong-Young is disguised as a boy.  Her little group of fan-girls are amusing.

There are the typical plot devices – a school trip to a haunted island (Dong-Young won’t get possessed there, will she??), gender bending, the mysterious tough guy classmate.  However, it didn’t take itself very seriously, and was fun to read.  The art was cute, though some of the characters looked too much alike.

This is the first ICE Kunion title that I have read.  There were a few typographical errors, but overall, I liked their presentation. The book bigger than manga titles, reflecting the original Korean book dimensions.  It included some nice color pages in the beginning, and had author interviews and character information in the back. 

Grade:  B – I’ll pick up the next volume.